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  • 24 de junho de 2016 em 07:31

    cartierbraceletlove That is a rather illogical way of doing things. I Don’t understand why WP is so popular if any good CMS lets you do such a basic function via a click of a mouse. WP is horrifically illogical for in terms of development usability because of things like this. Use Hero Framework instead of WordPress. At least Hero allows you to do this at the click of a button.
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  • 5 de julho de 2016 em 18:04

    You have to start from the fact that, in large parts of Britain today, there is a widespread view that marriage is for “rich” or “posh” people, who can afford ludicrously expensive weddings. At the level of what governments can do, the promised transferable tax allowance for married couples is better than nothing, but by definition it excludes the poor (who do not pay income tax) and includes childless couples, which rather defeats the object. What we need is some kind of meaningful financial incentive to benefit directly all married couples with children. But this can only go so far. Some kind of intensive educational programme is needed, to demonstrate to people the deleterious effect on society of the casual approach to relationships which prevails today, and how the institution of marriage, as a formal and legal fact, has an enormous effect on people staying together and on the well being of their children. The “anything goes” attitude prevailing in most of Britain today is self-evidently a disaster.
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