World Cup: Antony is more attractive than Neymar, science reveals

World Cup: Antony is more attractive than Neymar, science reveals

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Brazil’s Antony is amongst the most attractive football players to compete at this year’s World Cup, with a 88.87% match to the golden ratio.

Foto: Neymar JR – Arquivo

That’s according to, whose latest study has calculated the most attractive players at the World Cup. Each nation’s players have been analysed utilising the golden ratio, a mathematical symmetry which influences perceived attractiveness.The results display each player’s percentage match to the golden ratio.

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Most attractive players at the World Cup

RankPlayerGolden Ratio Score in 2022Country
1Paul Arriola90.64%United States
2Vahid Amiri90.32%Iran
3Diogo Costa89.86%Portugal
4Franco Armani89.55%Argentina
5Milos Degenek89.37%Australia
6Chris Gunter89.28%Wales
7Hakim Ziyech89.25%Morocco
9Leandro Trossard88.69%Belgium
10Joachim Andersen88.56%Denmark

Paul Arriola ranks as the most attractive player at the World Cup

Antony ranks in eighth place

Brazil’s Antony placed eighth with a 88.87% match to the golden ratio. Antony is the best looking Brazilian, with his closest competition being his teammate, Pedro, with an 86.74% match to the golden ratio.Paul Arriola is the most attractive player at the World Cup, with a 90.64% match to the golden ratio. Arriola accumulates a 1.04% advantage over fellow winger, Hakim Ziyech of Chelsea, who has an 89.25% match to the golden ratio.The USA footballer also manages to beat his FC Dallas and US team-mate, Jesús Ferreira (73.29%) by a staggering 17.35%.

In second place is Vahid Amiri, who has a 90.32% match to the golden ratio. Amiri misses out on the top spot by just 0.33%, however he and Arriola are the only two players with a 90% or higher match to the golden ratio. Amiri is the best looking Iranian by an impressive2.61%, with teammate Karim Ansarifard (87.71%) coming the closest to the top spot. 

Rounding off the top three is Diogo Costa, who generates a 89.86% match to the golden ratio. Costa is the best looking Goalkeeper in the list, beating fellow Portuguese teammate  Cristiano Ronaldo (80.01%) by an astonishing 9.85%.

Top 10 most attractive players from Brazil

RankPlayerGolden Ratio Score in 2022Club
1Antony88.87Manchester United
3Rodrygo86.35Real Madrid
5Lucas Paquetá85.50West Ham
6Ederson85.44Manchester City
7Gabriel Martinelli85.03Arsenal
9Bruno Guimarães82.49Newcastle

The Brazilian football team boasts some high ranking players with the top 10 accumulating an 85.14% average match to the golden ratio.

The Premier league dominates the Brazilian top 10, having 7 players on the list.

The Top 10 Brazilian players only have a 7.82% difference between them with tenth place Fabihno, amassing 81.05%, compared to Antony’s golden ratio match of 88.87%.

Antony has a 23.75% higher match to the golden ratio, than PSG superstar and Brazilian teammate Neymar (65.12%).

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Methodology conducted this research to identify the most attractive football teams in the world cup. The research draws from anthropometric facial analysis, using a computer vision algorithm to compute the golden ratio proximity of over 8000 players.
2. Images of players present in national team squads between 2002 till present were first scraped from transfermarkt. The inherent face variability from a multitude of confounding factors including varying expressions, illuminations and poses increase entropy within our model. The relative impact of such factors is controlled and mitigated through strict photo filtering criteria ensuring a standardised sample of images.
3.A facial landmarking algorithm was then deployed to identify prominent facial features on each player’s image. These features serve as anchor points from which to calculate the facial geometric ratio. The anthropometric ratios were subsequently used to approximate the geometric golden ratio of each image.
4. An aggregation of the dataset was then performed to compute for each team, the average golden ratio percentage in 2002, 2022 and the average between 2002-2022. The percentage change between 2002 and 2022 were also calculated and ranked in descending order.

5. The players from each of the 32 nations with the highest match to the golden ratio were collated.
6. These players were then ranked in order of highest to lowest to determine the ‘most attractive’.